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The History

1893 - Pete Hanson built the house. He operated a shoemaker shop on Main Street. His wife was Caroline Augusta Hinchelday and their son Ed married Alice C. Wright. 


1928 - Lewis Anderson and Kate Bannerman bought the house. In conjunction with Dr. Preston, Kate used the house as a maternity home delivering many babies over the next decade. 


In the 1940's Bartley and Florence Swartz bought the house. 


1968 - The Pitsenbarger family purchased the house and turned part of it into a small café and served dinners on the weekends while living upstairs. They named it "Café Beaujolais" because they liked the way it sounded. Beaujolais is a wine growing region in France.


1977 - Margaret Fox, at the age of 25, bought the property and began serving breakfast and lunch, and started the Café Beaujolais mail order business.


1984 - Café Beaujolais began serving dinner with executive chef Christopher Kump. 


1990 - The Café Beaujolais Brickery was opened and began serving and selling wood-fired brick oven breads. 


2000 - Loyal Beaujolais customers Steve and Ashley Jenks purchased the restaurant and updated the interior. 


2006 - Chef David LaMonica purchased the restaurant. A native of Sacramento, David had worked in restaurants his entire life. Prior to buying Café Beaujolais he was executive chef at Scott's Seafood Restaurant in Sacramento. David sold Café Beaujolais in 2016 and will continue to run his Beaujolais Granola business in addition to a new BBQ restaurant venture in Santa Rosa. 


2016 - Businessman and restaurant owner Peter Lopez along with his wife Melissa and son/Chef Julian Lopez purchased Café Beaujolais in late 2016. They are honored and excited to not only continue the storied near half-century Café Beaujolais legacy but also look forward to slowly adding some exciting new seasonal items to the menu, hosting interactive special events and also lovingly restoring and improving the Café's vintage property and grounds.    

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